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    Why reboot?

    Why does the IT department seem to always want you to reboot your computer?

Why do I need to reboot?

We know. It seems like every time you call your IT department you hear, “Did you try rebooting your computer?”

It is not because the technician doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. It is also most likely not because IT people want you to feel stupid. We are all well aware that there are plenty of things in accounting, marketing, finance, or other departments you work in that we know little about. We are only trying to help you.

Here are some reasons why we want you to reboot your computer.

• Your computer often will install a driver, software or operating system update. More often than not, these updates require a system reboot. When one of these updates is not properly installed it can cause issues.

• Rebooting your computer also resets all of the hardware in your computer. It turns the power off to all of the devices attached to the system board and then applies power back to them again. If one device such as a video card is not receiving power, rebooting the machine will fix that issue most of the time.

• If you have software that is not running correctly or slowing down your computer, rebooting the computer restarts all of the processes and services required to operate all of your software.

• Rebooting is not just a practice that is for Windows computers. It is a good practice for all of your electronics. If you call apple because your iPad is not working correctly, they will probably tell you to reboot the device first. When someone tells us that the Internet is not working properly, we will usually start by rebooting a router or other networking equipment.

Rebooting your electronic devices might not always fix your problem, but it is usually a good place to start. The IT world has found that it solves problem often enough that it should be the first step. There is no sense in wasting time tearing into a computer that just needs a good old reboot. It can be compared to taking a shower. While you might not have to take one each day, there will come a time when it is just necessary. So the next time you are asked if you have rebooted, be able to say yes.

By: Austin Bell

Date: 9/4/14


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